Bo(starred Stephy Tang) is an ordinary office lady, her mother(starred Elaine Jin) was a very successful and famous singer and her sister has just started to be an idol singer. Comparing herself with her mother and sister, Bo dwells a lot on herself being non outstanding and she feels upset to be ordinary.

Bo and her boyfriend Sun(Starred Willfred Lau), who works as a finance broker, are together for many years, she always wishes to start a family with him. However Sun has been fooling around for years and his flippant attitute has pushed the idea of marriage away.

Bo’s boss, Fanny(Michelle Lo) commited suicide after breaking up with her boyfriend. After knowing this tragedy, Bo shared this news to her best friend, Laura(Starred Louisa Mak) who is a typical conspiracy theorist. She immediately threw out a bunch of nonsense theories threatening Bo that people around her will soon have problems with their relationship, and in the end Bo will be next....

Patrick Kong
110 mins
Stephy Tang