17-year-old Casey (Venus Wong) is a high-school student who works very hard on studies, busy preparing for her college admission examination. She is not allowed to have any romantic relationships by her parents, yet like all the teenage girls, she also dreams for having a boyfriend. Elton (Edward Ma) who sits in front of her in the class, wins her heart by a gamble.

Casey and Elton’s love story is full of sweet and romantic memories as it is both their first love. However, their love story goes to the end after Casey goes to college. Elton has an affair and broke Casey’s heart.

Three years later, when the two meets each other again, Casey becomes a “love professional”, a tutor who teaches girls to get a perfect boyfriend. Elton is now a successful business man who runs a company that explores new apps. Elton runs after Casey again, but Casey cannot forget the past.

Crosby Yip
114 mins
Venus Wong, Edward Ma, Jason Fu