It is the end of the feudal Edo period, and Japan has recently opened its doors. But wait – not to Commodore Perry’s Black Ships. Rather to aliens and spaceships!

The story starts in the Kabuki District located in the home territory of the Edo shogunate. This is the district where Odd-Jobs-r-Us operates. The ragtag bunch running this business is Gintoki, his employee Shinpachi, and Kagura, a cutesy with Herculean strength who works for bed and board. We see them slacking around on the couch one lazy afternoon when they see a reporter on TV covering a beetle hunt. They discover they can earn a hefty sum of money with a beetle, and so the adventure begins!

One day, a client sends in a request to Odd Jobs. News is that ex-resistance warrior and underground activist Kotaro Katsura has fallen victim to the blade of a mysterious serial killer and has gone missing. Lurking behind this crime is Nizo Okada a.k.a “Nizo the Butcher” and Shinsuke Takasugi, resistance rebel and former comrade of

Yuichi Fukuda
131 mins
Shun Oguri, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Taisho Sugo, Kanna Hashimoto, Masami Nagasawa, Masaki Okada, Yuya Yagira, Nakamura Kankur? VI, Nanao, Akari Hayami