Linked by four distinct segments and the story is unveiled in “Yesterday’s Rumbling Fun”. Unlike Mayday’s previous perfectionist and fussy attitude towards music, the members are now featured as superhero and form a fifth elite combat team. Monster the guitarist is now the agile Mr. Monster, Stone the guitarist is now Lonely Stone. Guan You the Drummer is the crossbowman Mini Ming. Masa the bass player is Hell Kitty. Ashin the Vocal acts as Honey Potter.
The five people went back to “Today Loser Record Store” to lead their usual ordinary life, until the Commanding Officer “re-summons them”. The Commanding Officer is portrayed by Bo Huang. How should the Commanding Officer persuade the five middle-aged “losers” with super powers? To “restart training and rejoin the war” utilizing their limited life and infinite friendship and figure out the infinity of life? This memoir for 7 billion is now transitioning to the next chapter: LiFE will continue to be lived on the screen.

Muh Chen
111 mins
Monster, Stone, Masa, Guan You, Ashin